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PJ English - Tattoo Profile - Sacramento, California

Name: PJ English

Years Tattooing: over 40 years

Favorite Artists: Brad Holland, Olivia, Michael Parks, Robert Wyland

PJ English - Tattoo Profile

PJ began his career as an apprentice under "Little" Dave Spellman at the Long Beach Pike. He helped open Santa Ana Tattoo, in Southern California circa 1975, eventually becoming the owner. It was here that he honed his skills to become one of the best in SoCal at the time.

After several years, he sought a change of scenery. So he packed up his machines, inks and imagination, and moved North to Sacramento. In 1985 he opened BackDoor Studio and began a tradition of quality and commitment to the art or tattoo.

Since that time he has had the pleasure of working with and training some of the best tattoo artists in the business.